Laundred Sheep aims to be an open-source 3D-platformer / jump-and-run game, which is inspired by other open-source games like supertux, supertuxkart and even by minetest

It is in an early development phase. It is a fork of supertuxkart, a lot of features, mainly the graphics and the gui-engine comes from STK.

The name and the character is inspired by the blender open-movie Cosmos-Laundromat. The character to play is franck from this blender movie. More characters are added later, i have planned to add only characters known from blender (suzanne, bigbuckbunny, other characters from blender-movies...).

The aim is to collect all mese-crystals to enable a secret exit in the level. It can be quite hard to find the exit in difficult levels and every enemy makes it harder too! Don't fall off the edges!!!


Latest news coming soon

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